Speedrun VOD Club

Speedrun VOD Club


Speedruns and events on this site are all from a selection of charity speedrun events.

Games Done Quick

Also known as GDQ, this highly popular American organization hosts two main week-long events each year, AGDQ and SGDQ. The former is held in the winter for the benefit of the Prevent Cancer Foundation while the latter is held in the summer for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders. GDQ also hosts two Frame Fatales events made by and for women and non-binary speedrunners each year for the benefit of the Malala Fund.

European Speedrunner Assembly

ESA is the largest European speedrunning marathon and holds two events in Sweden each year. ESA Winter benefits Save the Children while ESA Summer benefits Alzheimerfonden.


A spin-off of ESA started by the titular Hekigan, this incredibly silly marathon raises money for the same charities as ESA each year.

RPG Limit Break

RPGLB holds an annual event all about RPGs for the benefit of the National Institute on Mental Illness.

Benelux Speedrunner Gathering

We don't know much about this organization yet but we're sure they're lovely and you should support them.